Boat Rollers & Brackets

Rollers as opposed to bunks/rails, allow the boat to roll on/off the trailer easily when launching. In store we have rolllers, brackets, ribbed roller, combinations, U bolts, tube to tube clamps, rubber buffers, bow snubber and many more items to keep you boat trailer in top condition.

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Product no.: BR2101
Rubber 'V' Boat Roller, Length 90mm x 11mm bore 
£4.00 *
Product no.: BR2103
Rubber Keel Roller Length 90mm x 11mm bore
£4.00 *
Product no.: BR2104
Dumbell Roller Solid Rubber 100x16mm bore.
£7.50 *
Product no.: BR2105

Rubber V Boat Roller 125m16mm bore

£5.00 *
Product no.: BR2107

5" Rubber Keel Boat Roller 125x50x16mm bore

£5.00 *
Product no.: BR2106
Black Rubber Boat 'V' Roller 125x50x19mm  bore
£5.00 *
Product no.: BR2108

Rubber Keel Boat Roller 125x50x19mm bore

£5.00 *
Product no.: BR2145
Rubber 'V' Boat Roller on Galvanized Bracket 125x50x19mm bore
£25.00 *
Product no.: BR2146
Rubber Keel Boat Roller on Galvanized Bracket 150x50x19mm bore
£25.00 *
Product no.: BR2120
Rubber Keel Block, length 152mm with 2 x moulded in M10 studs.
£6.00 *
Product no.: BR2122
Rubber Bow Snubber 113 x 75 x 95mm
£6.75 *
Product no.: BR2123
Rubber Buffer Block 125x50x48mm 
£6.50 *
Product no.: BR2124
Rubber Pad, length 300mm x 38mm with 4 holes for M8 bolts
£6.00 *
Product no.: BR2125
Rubber Pad with 2 x fixing studs
£7.00 *
Product no.: BR2109

Rubber Keel Boat Roller 175x44 x19mm dia bore

£7.00 *
Product no.: BR2111
Rubber Parallel Boat Roller 200x58x16mm bore 
£8.00 *
Product no.: BR2112
Indespension Solid Rubber Ribbed Boat Roller 80mm wide x 115mm dia with 25mm dia bore.
£12.00 *
Product no.: BR2113
Indespension Solid Rubber Ribbed Boat Roller 100x125x25mm bore
£12.00 *
Product no.: BR2116
Rubber Castor Boat Roller 90mm dia with 19mm bore
£4.50 *
Product no.: BR2153
Ribbed Roller on curved 1 holed Bracket, Rollers 80x100x25mm bore 
£28.00 *
Product no.: BR2155
Ribbed Roller on straight Bracket with 235mm Stem, Rollers 90x120x 32mm bore
£34.00 *
Product no.: BR2158

Combination Boat Roller Bracket consists of 2 x Castors & 1 x 'V' Roller 125mm on U Bracket

£34.00 *
Product no.: BR2162
Castor Roller on Bracket & Stem, Bracket width 195mm, Stem length 300mm.
£20.00 *
Product no.: BR2163
Rubber Buffer on 300mm wide Bracket & 300mm Stem
£17.50 *
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