Couplings (hitches) are used to connect the trailer to a towball. The 50mm towball are set as European standard. The old 2" ball still exists in USA but is illegal and dangerous to use in Europe. Couplings are either unbraked or braked. Due to the weight & techincal nature of braked couplings, please contact us for futher information however see the chart under Braked Couplings as a guide to the most common couplings. We also stock  dampers, bellows, breakaway cables, energy stores, drawtubes and replacement coupling heads, see Coupling Spares.

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Product no.: CP201

Alko Unbraked Pressed Steel Coupling to suit 50mm box section

£25.00 *
Product no.: CP202

Knott Unbraked Pressed Steel Coupling to suit 50mm box section.

£25.00 *
Product no.: CP203

Knott Unbraked Pressed Steel Coupling to fit 60mm box section capacity 750kg

£28.00 *
Product no.: CP207

Bradley Unbraked Cast Coupling,Capacity 750kg (off road 2600kg)  Flat surface mounted to fit 2 x M12 bolts, bolt hole centres 76mm, This coupling can be made lockable using insertable Bradley barrel lock.

£58.00 *
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