Braked Couplings

Complete Braked Couplings are either Delta shaped to suite 'A' Frames or square to fit over a straight drawtbar. The following table shows different brands of

braked couplings that are available with either locking or non locking heads. Replacement coupling heads and spares are available see Coupling spares.



Indespension Delta Cast Coupling

with Triplelock Head

  375-750kg 800-1800kg 1400-2700kg 2000-3500kg
Part No CP82 CP35 CP36 CP74
Price £287.00 £296.00 £314.00 £386.00

As above with Non Locking Head

Part No CP83 CP56 CP57 CP37
Price £269.00 £278.00 £296.00 £368.00


Indespension Pressed Steel 

Square Coupling with Triplelock Head

for straight Drawbars
  500-1000kg 1000-1500kg 1500-2000kg 1000-1500kg 1500-2000kg
Square 70mm 70mm 70mm 80mm 80mm
Part No CP15 CP23 CP104 CP106 CP110
Price £302.00 £292.00 £296.00 £314.00 £314.00
As above with Non Locking Head Part No CP11 CP17 CP102 CP105 CP107
Price £296.00 £278.00 £278.00 £296.00 £296.00


Knott Cast Coupling with Triplelock   1300-2000kg 2000-2700kg 2700-3500kg
Part No CP113 CP118 CP142
Price £341.00 £368.00 £395.00
As Above with Non Locking Head Part No CP151 CP117 CP141
Price £323.00 £341.00 £377.00


AL-Ko Pressed Steel Delta  Coupling

with Non Locking Head

  450-750kg 700-1000kg 950-1600kg 1500-2600kg 2000-3500kg
Part No CP199 CP111 CP196 CP197 CP200
Price £260.00 £247.00 £206.00 £233.00 £521.00


AL-Ko Pressed Steel Square Coupling

with Non Locking Head

for Straight Drawbars

  450-750kg 700-1000kg 950-1600kg 950-1600kg 1500-2600kg 1500-2600kg
Square  70mm 70mm 70mm 80mm 80mm 100mm
Part No CP201 CP202 CP203 CP204 CP205 CP206
Price £206.00 £242.00 £260.00 £232.00 £305.00 £332.00


Bradley Cast Delta Coupling with Triplock Head   450-900kg 850-1700kg 1650-2750kg 2250-3500kg
Part No CP166 CP175 CP180 CP185
Price £315.00 £325.00 £325.00 £398.00
As above with Non Locking Head Part No CP188 CP174 CP179 CP184.00
Price £242.00 £242.00 £251.00 £305.00