Trailer lighting, rear combination lights, marker lights, number plate lights. Lighting boards & pods. Reflectors & triangles. Fog & reverse lights. Bulbs, light cages.



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Product no.: LG1201
Rear Square Radex 4 Function Light 12V. 102x98x50mm
£5.00 *
Product no.: LG1203
Rear Square Perei 4 Funtion Light 12V.  98x98x49mm. Functions: Stop/Tail/ Indicator/Number Plate 
£5.00 *
Product no.: LG1205
Rear Square AJ.BA 4 Function Combination Light 12V. 105x98x50mm. Functions: Stop/Tail/Indicator/Number Plate. 
£12.00 *
Product no.: LG1209

Rear Rectangular 4 Funtion Britax Light 12V. 160x80x56mm. Functions: Stop/Tail/Indicator/Number Plate.

£10.50 *
Product no.: LG1213
Rear Rectangular 4 Function Perei Light 12V. 168x82x50mm. Functions: Stop/Tail/Indicator/Number Plate.
£6.50 *
Product no.: LG1226

Rear 5 Function AJ.BA  Light 12V. 220x103x62mm. Functions: Stop/Tail/Indicator/Number Plate/Fog.


£17.00 *
Product no.: LG1279

Red/ White Britax Marker Light on Rubber Mounting 12V. Size h80xw94xd84mm.

£10.50 *
Product no.: LG1281

Red/White Radex Marker Light 12V. Size: L90xw40xh42mm

£3.25 *
Product no.: LG1299

Rear Surface Mounted Fog Light 12V. Size: 89x77x55mm.

£4.25 *
Product no.: LG1303

Reversing Light Suface Mounted 12V. Size: 89x77x55mm

£4.95 *
Product no.: LG1268

Radex Side Marker Light - Amber, 12V, 110x40x24mm

£3.25 *
Product no.: LG1254

Radex Front Marker Light- Clear, 12V, 110x40x24mm

£3.25 *
Product no.: LG1276

Radex Rear Marker Light- Red, 12V, 110x40x24mm

£3.25 *
Product no.: LG1245

LED Rear Rectagular 3 function Light, (Stop/Tail/Indicator) with Mounitng Base & Fixing Screws. 12V. Size: 174x94x32mm

£28.00 *
Product no.: LG1243

LED Rear Square 3 function Light, (Stop/Tail/Indicator) with Mounting Base & Fixing Screws. 12V, 94x94x30mm

£13.95 *
Product no.: LG1181

3ft (92cm) wide Lighting Board with 4m Cable (no Triangles)

£20.00 *
Product no.: LG1183

4ft (122cm) wide Trailer Lighting Board with 6m Cable & Refective Triangles

£26.00 *
Product no.: LG1185

4ft (122cm) wide Trailer Lighting Board with 10m Cable & Reflective Triangles

£32.00 *
Product no.: LG1194

Magnetic Light Pod 2 x lights on magnetic bracket  connected with 1.5m curley Cable & 6m cable & 7pin plug

£28.00 *
Product no.: LG1312

Reflective Triangle 140mm

£1.80 *
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