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We stock chandlery hardware, stainless steel fittings, boat trailer body fixings, boat rollers, U Bolts.




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Product no.: CH1611

Galvanized D' Shackle 20mm dia Pin.

£4.80 *
Product no.: CH1612

Galvanized D' Shackle with 16mm Pin

£3.20 *
Product no.: CH1613

Galvanized D' Shackle wtih 12mm Pin

£2.20 *
Product no.: CH1614

Galvanized D' Shackle with 11mm Pin

£1.80 *
Product no.: CH1615
Galvanized D' Shackle with 10mm dia Pin
£1.80 *
Product no.: CH1616
Galvanized D' Shackle with 8mm dia Pin
£1.00 *
Product no.: CH1617
Galvanized D' Shackle with 6mm dia Pin
£0.80 *
Product no.: CH1618
Galvanized D' Shackle with 5mm dia Pin
£0.60 *
Product no.: CH1619

Galvanised Bow Shackle, Pin dia 8mm

£1.50 *
Product no.: CH1920

Galvanised Bow Shackle, Pin dia 10mm

£1.40 *
Product no.: CH1631
Galvanized Flat Top Cleat, Length 100mm
£4.00 *
Product no.: CH1632
Galvanized Square Staple on Plate. 50x50mm
£1.50 *
Product no.: CH1679
Galvanized Mooring Swivel 1/2" dia.
£9.00 *
Product no.: CH1680
Galvanized Mooring Swivel 5/8" dia.
£11.00 *
Product no.: CH1681

Galvanized Mooring Swivel 3/4" dia

£13.50 *
Product no.: CH1600

Zinc Plated Hook to Crue with Chain. Length 75mm (Chain length 200mm)

£3.45 *
Product no.: CH1602
Zinc Plated Hook to Crue. Length 63mm
£1.00 *
Product no.: CH1603
Zinc Plated Hook to Crue. Length 88mm
£1.75 *
Product no.: CH1606
Zinc Plated Carbine Hook. Length 60mm
£1.00 *
Product no.: CH1607
Zinc Plated Carbine Hook. Length 80mm
£1.30 *
Product no.: CH1608
Zinc Plated Carbine Hook. Length 100mm
£1.60 *
Product no.: CH1621
Zinc Plated Swivel Hook, length 88mm
£1.60 *
Product no.: CH1622
Zinc Plated Swivel Hook, Lenght 102mm
£2.50 *
Product no.: CH1659
Galvanised Ring on Plate, Plate 50x50mm, Ring 8mm dia x 50mm inside dia
£2.50 *
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