In general trailer security is in the form of either ' Wheel Clamps' or 'Coupling Locks'.  We stock Bulldog, Indespension & Maypole clamps. It is important to have your wheel & tyre size to get the right fit for the trailer. 

Coupling locks are generally, 'Ball Socket Locks' the ball blocks the coupling socket which prevents hitching to towball. 'Shrould Locks', this device covers the whole coupling. 'Insert Barrel Lock's, each of these locks are specific to manufacturers couplings, eg: AL-Ko, Bradley, Knott etc.

In addition to these devices are security posts, wire ropes, locking wheel nuts, chains.

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Product no.: SE2306

Coupling Lock to suit Al-ko unbraked pressed steel coupling. Fits in key hole on side of coupling handle.

£6.00 *
Product no.: SE2307

'Trailercop' Coupling Lock, fits into coupling head to prevent trailer being stolen.

£14.95 *
Product no.: SE2308

Universal Coupling Lock, suitable for most pressed steel and cast couplings. Consists of a ball that fits into coupling and a loop to lock the handle.

£18.50 *
Product no.: SE2305

Bradley Insertable Barrel Lock for Bradley Cast unbraked Coupling.

£19.50 *
Product no.: SE2290

Bulldog 'Trailclamp' model TC200 wheel clamp to suit trailer wheel size: 5.00x10", 5.20x10", 145x10". Not suitable for offset rims such as Mini rims. 

£110.00 *
Product no.: SE2338

Wire Security Rope length 1m with eye ends, ideal for securing trailer or other items to post etc

£5.95 *
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