Bearings & Seals

Bearings to suit most trailer hubs, oils seals, bearing savers, aqualube grease, split pins etc.

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Product no.: WB701

1" Taper Roller Bearing Kit. Consists of outer cone L44643, inner cone L44643 with seal and bearing cups
£12.95 *
Product no.: WB702
Bearing Kit for Indespension Hub Drum 200 & 203 Consists of Outer Cone L44649 ID=26.99mm Outer Cup L44610 OD=50.29mm Inner Cone LM67048L ID=31.75mm, Inner Cup 67010 OD=59.13mm
£32.00 *
Product no.: WB703
Bearing Kit for Indespension 250 Hub Drum. Outer cone L44649, Outer Cup L44610, Inner Cone LM48548L, Inner Cup LM48510.
£32.00 *
Product no.: WB709
Bearing Kit for Alko 160x35mm Braked Hub.
£26.00 *
Product no.: WB732
Bearing Kit for Peak 200 & 203 Hub. Consists of Outer Bearing 44649, Inner Bearing 48548
£26.00 *
Product no.: WB748
Sealed Bearing for Alko Hub 309609. Bearing OD=80mm, ID=42mm
£32.00 *
Product no.: WB751
Sealed Bearing for Ifor Williams 200x50 & 250x40 Drum. Bearing OD=76mm ID=42mm
£34.00 *
Product no.: WB723
Bearing Kit for Alko 200x50 Hub. LM11949/ LM11910 & LM67048/LM67010
£28.50 *
Product no.: WB745

Aqualube waterproof Grease 

£12.00 *
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