Towbar & Towing Accessories

The following products attach to the vehicle rather than the trailer. Towballs, pin & ball combinations fix to a mounting plate on the towbar. This section details Towballs, Pin & Balls, Spacers, Drop Plates, Adjustable Height Couplings, Towball Covers, Towsteps, Bumper Protector Plates.



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Product no.: TB101
50mm Tow Ball EU Approved 3500kg capacity
£10.50 *
Product no.: TB103

50mm Extended Neck Flange Tow Ball (Suitable for AL-Ko Type Stabilizer Couplings)

£18.00 *
Product no.: TB106

Threaded 50mm Tow Ball. Tow Ball with L 70mmx 25 dia shaft. 2000kg Capacity

£15.50 *
Product no.: TB108
Threaded 50mm Tow Ball, 190mm x 25mm dia shaft 
£21.00 *
Product no.: TB109
Pin & Ball Assembly 2500kg Capacity, 50mm Ball with 19mm dia Pin 
£38.00 *
Product no.: TB113

Pin & Ball coupling capcity 3500kg, towball 50mm EU approved. D value 17Kn, 2 bolt fixing holes.

£65.00 *
Product no.: TB117
Spare Pin for Pin & Ball Assembly capacity 3500kg 25mm dia shaft
£22.50 *
Product no.: TB125

Adjustable Height Coupling

£65.00 *
Product no.: TB152

102mm (4") Zin Plated Drop Plate, 4 hole

£10.50 *
Product no.: TB153

77mm (3") Zinc Plated Drop Plate, 4 hole

£10.50 *
Product no.: TB154

52mm (2") Zinc Plated Drop Plate, 4 hole

£9.50 *
Product no.: TB155

12mm (1/2") Tow Ball Spacer Block 

£4.50 *
Product no.: TB156

25mm (1") Tow Ball Spacer Block 

£7.95 *
Product no.: TB181
Black Plastic Tow Ball Cap
£0.75 *
Product no.: TB182

Alloy Tow Ball Cap 

£3.50 *
Product no.: TB184
Tow Ball Cover with Red Reflector
£4.50 *
Product no.: TB157
Metal Bumper Protector Plate (black), Plate fits behind flange tow ball & protects bumper while hitching up trailer.
£3.50 *
Product no.: TB158

Stainless Steel Bumper Protector, fits behind flange tow ball to protect bumper while hitching trailer etc 

£7.50 *
Product no.: TB164

Double Towstep, suitable for vans, pickup trucks and 4x4 vehicles fitted with a towbar. Total width 700mm

£28.00 *
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