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Suspension & Hub Spares, Hub Caps, Mounting Plates, Wheel Nuts & Studs, Wheel Bolts, Castle Nuts etc. Please contact us should you need any help.

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Product no.: SA566

Suspension Mounting Plate, 6 hole for M8 Bolts Capacity 350kg

£4.50 *
Product no.: SA567

Suspension Mounting Plate 225x100mm, 8 hole for M8 Bolts, Capacity 500kg

£5.50 *
Product no.: SA568

Suspension Mounting Plate 252x125mm, 8 hole for M12 Bolts, Capacity 750kg

£6.50 *
Product no.: SA601
Metal Hub Cap for unbraked 1" taper roller bearing Hub, Hub cap dia 50.4mm.
£3.50 *
Product no.: SA602
Plastic Hub Cap 52mm dia
£4.25 *
Product no.: SA603
Plastic Hub Cap,  50.4mm dia
£3.25 *
Product no.: SA605
Metal Hub Cap 65mm dia for Indespesnion Hub drums with 83mm boss
£5.50 *
Product no.: SA606
Black Plastic Hub Cap for Ifor Williams Trailers with weld on Knott brakes & 75mm bearings 1992- 1996.
£5.15 *
Product no.: SA607
Grey Plastic Hub Cap 76mm for Ifor Williams Trailers with bolt on Knott brakes & 76mm bearings 1996 onwards.
£5.15 *
Product no.: SA611
Al-Ko Metal Hub Cap 48mm dia
£3.25 *
Product no.: SA612

Al-Ko Metal Hub Cap 54mm dia

£6.50 *
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